Hi! I’m Andrea


I'm an abstract artist hailing from Clarkston, Michigan. My art studio serves as a haven where I embrace the boundless freedom of childhood, escaping the demands of life to fully immerse myself in the essence of who I am and simply play! Through vibrant colors and expressive mark-making, I not only convey my emotions but also establish a profound connection with my art.

Each piece I create is a multi-layered masterpiece, comprised of acrylic paint, collage paper, and a myriad of pencils. Every layer weaves together fragments of stories, be they mine or someone else's, infusing the art with a rich sense of history and significance.

In my studio, time is spent both indulging in playful exploration and engaging in introspection. There are moments when I reflect and offer prayers for friends or family members enduring challenging circumstances, as well as those who have triumphed over adversity. When chatting with clients, I eagerly listen to their stories, their struggles, and their moments of celebration. From there, I delve into their words, seeking to capture the essence in brushstrokes upon the canvas. Often, I inscribe words or prayers onto the foundational layer of my creations, which eventually become partially obscured as the piece progresses.

My heartfelt aspiration is that when you gaze upon my art, you too are transported to that state of childlike joy. May it serve as a bridge, connecting you to the core of your being and igniting a profound recognition of who you were meant to be.

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